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Blackwing Descent is now Open!
We are pleased to confirm the opening of Blackwing DescentBlackwing Descent today (23rd January).

Blackwing Descent: The culmination of the Blackrock series of instances comes in a new, but familiar form. Blackwing Descent is a raid designed after Blackwing Lair, with its final boss none other but Nefarian himself--resurrected by his father, Deathwing. It is created to serve as an continuation of the story in Blackwing Lair. The raid features a layout similar to its prototype, but with brand new bosses--except for Nefarian, of course.

Baradin Hold Opens Today!
Baradin Hold is the main fortress of Tol Barad, located at the island's center. Whoever controls the Hold - by taking and holding the three major fortifications around it - controls Tol Barad, and gains access to the raid instance located in the dungeon beneath the hold. The path leading to the instance line can be found at [46, 48], on the outside of the hold's western wall next to the meeting stone.
The Bastion of Twilight Released
We are please to confirm the opening of our next dungeon this Friday (30th September): The Bastion of Twilight. The Bastion of Twilight is an entry-level raid instance. It features four bosses plus one optional heroic boss. The Bastion of Twilight is meant to be the "Naxxramas" of Cataclysm: an entry level raiding experience. The instance entrance is located on top of the Twilight Citadel in southwestern Twilight Highlands overlooking Loch Modan.
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