Special Transmog

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Special Transmog

Post by dagget » Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:36 pm

Like the Title says how about offering more options which were not a thing in Cata, Legendarys are not Transmoggable (and wouldnt be until 8.3 which is quite recent), although it might look silly seeing a dk with dual Thunderfury or any healclass with a Sulfuron, running around. It is still just a Suggestion which could or could not attract Transmogfans and make the server special by offering this option. Farming the Legendarys ofcourse is still `diy´, to keep them busy.

Also, the vp and mp Vendors could sell Armorless Transmog equipment, like Items which can be Transmogged to remove certain armor pieces f.e. shoulders, gloves, bangle, belt and shoes (I think on retail something similar exists but only pants cant be made invisible).

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