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Double Profession Weekend

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 5:09 am
by dagget
Like the title says, add a doubled profession weekend where professions can be skilled faster, since all realm firsts are already taken theres no competition to reach max skill, and mostly new players tend to suffer by being undergeared as soon as they reach lvl 85.
So it would be good if they can skill proffesions while leveling (since they´re leveling too fast in 2x exp to keep up with the skilling) and use those to gear themselves up or gather the materials needed to let someone else craft them for them.

Furthermore this could also affect the ingame market which is the auction house by raising the Offers since there is a huge demand.

Edit: this could also be a new perk for VIP´s like a special weekend just for them to keep it a bit fair and compensating for them while also being limited on weekends only.