Your In-Depth Herbalism Guide

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Your In-Depth Herbalism Guide

Post by Mikx85 » Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:36 pm

Hi guys, this time I hope that might help you once more out and Wellcome you as a newcomer to the Magic of Herbalism!
As some of us already know, getting herbs can be Frustrating, because of their different Skill Requirements in the Zone (Map)
That was also the reason why I created this Guide and make Gathering easy and Relaxive for you.
Like on my last Guide I want to let u know that even this Guide can be changed anytime by me, or Ideas I get from other players playing on WoW-Reign, so feel free to leave a comment below if u have something to add.
While you are reading this post I hope that u understand how to reach Skill 50 (in starter Zones) on your own, and I do not need to present those places. Therefore we begin with skill 50+ in Herbalism.
The next Pictures will show u Types and Places of the Herbs on different Maps.
The Addon I used for it is called „Gatherer“ which can be downloaded at :
If u need Detailed Information about Gatherer, let me know via in-game Mail at „Mikx“ or „Arkadian“.

Picture 1: Image
Picture 2: Image
Picture 3: Image

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