[GUIDE] How to Start on WoW-Reign

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[GUIDE] How to Start on WoW-Reign

Post by Janitor » Wed May 01, 2019 5:26 pm

For all the new players on this server, I will try to explain how to get started on WoW-Reign.

This guide is based of Windows and instalation process may vary for other operating systems (MacOS, Ubuntu, Linux, etc).
If you still have conection issues after reading this guide, please create a new forum post here.


To log into the game and forum you need an account.
You can create yourself an account here if you have not already done that.


Keep in mind you can only use your E-Mail for 1 account.
Make sure you remember your Username and Password.


To be able to play on WoW-Reign it is highly adviced that you use our custom Client and Launcher.
This is so that you can always stay up-to-date with any fixes and custom content we may have.

You can download the Client from our Start Up page.

MacOS users can download the Client here.
Keep in mind that our support to Mac is still experimental, so please notify us if you run into any issues.

Then you need to open the .torrent file in a torrent program.
We recommend uTorrent but any torrent program will work.

Once your download is completed you will have a folder called "WoW-Reign" or similar.
You should move this folder to one of your root drives. (ex.: C:\, D:\, E:\ ...)

Moving the folder is important as Windows will not allow any application running in the Downloads folder to download or modify files.
Having the folder in a root drive will also prevent most problems.


WoW-Reign uses a custom Launcher to provide you with the latest patches, updates and custom content.
It is included with the latest Client. Incase you do not have the launcher, you can download it here.


You will now have to prepare the Game Folder to be able to start the game without any issues.

It is important that your Game Folder and Realmlist.wtf file does not have the "Read-only" attribute.

First locate to your Game folder, mine is found at C:\WoW-Reign
Right click on the folder and choose "Properties". You will then have to uncheck the "Read-Only" attribute, then press Apply.
Then make sure your settings look similar to this:


Note: You only need to worry about the parts in the red boxes.

Now you have to do the same for your Realmlist.wtf file.
This file can be found in your enGB folder.
The file path will be something similar to this: C:\WoW-Reign\data\enGB\Realmlist.wtf (It is C:\ for me since that is the root drive I put my gamefolder in. It may vary for you).

Right click on the File and choose "Properties". You will then have to uncheck the "Read-Only" attribute, then press Apply.
Then make sure your settings look similar to this:


Note: You only need to worry about the parts in the red boxes.


If you do not want to go into your Gamefolder everytime you want to start the game you can create a Shortcut.

First off you want to locate back to your Gamefolder (C:\WoW-Reign)

You then want to right click your Launcher.exe file and click Create Shortcut.


You will then get a shortcut to the Launcher which you can place where it suits you.


Now you are ready to start the game.
You should always start your game via Rightclicking Launcher.exe (or the shortcut to it) and opening it as an Administrator.

You will then get the launcher starting which will check and download for any neccessary updates.


These updates are IMPORTANT to be able to see and use any of WoW-Reign's custom content, including RAF.

Once the Launcher has finished updating you will find yourself being able to press the "Play" button and adventure into the game.


You are now on the Login screen!
You can check that you are running the latest WoW-Reign patches by making sure the number in the lower left corener is matching with the number in the "Breaking News" section.


Enter the login details and you can now create a character and adventure into the World of Warcraft!

If you still encounter errors or issues after following this guide, please create a new forum post here and you will get assistance as soon as possible.

This guide gets updated as things change to start up. If you find any part in this guide being out-of-date please let us know.
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