Grim Batol and Halls of Origination Open this Friday!
We are please to confirm the opening of the next 2 dungeons this Friday (19th July):
Grim Batol and Halls of Origination.

Grim Batol, once one of the greatest dwarven fortresses, is now home of the Twilight Hammer and the corrupted Black Dragonflight after the battle between the Wildhammer and the Dark Irons. The 5-man dungeon lies to the west of the Twilight Highlands. Players can enter the dungeon on Normal-mode at level 84, requiring minimum ilvl 305 to queue up. The dungeon is notable for having players ride dragons as vehicles over the extensive trash, bombing them to get them to low HP. With the numerous dragons as trash, it's also an excellent place for skinning.

The Halls of Origination, are part of the Titan research facility of Uldum. Along with Ulduar and Uldaman, it was used by the Titans thousands of years ago. Unlike the other two, the Halls' purpose was not to be a prison--it was used for research and development of new races. One of those races was the Tol'vir - a mix between humans and cats, most of which populate the other Uldum dungeon, the Lost City of the Tol'vir, where it is rumored that a deadly secret is hidden.

We hope you all have fun!
The Dev/Test Team
Progression Schedule (an outline)

We are happy to present our scheduled Progression Calendar.

This is still subjected to change so please don't take these dates as fixed just yet.

The main thing to take away from this news is the order of the progression and a rough idea of when it is going to happen.

It's mainly to give you time to prepare. We will be announcing the final date of each particular opening with a week in advance at least.

We are finally open!
Today we have officially opened our LIVE version. Both game and website have still a long way to go but we decided to allow players to create their account, log in and start playing.
This will go a long way in providing us with essential feedback to improve from the ground up.
Our main philosophy is to keep everything as simple and as straightforward as possible.
Please be patient and if you get stuck anywhere contact us via Discord or our Forum.
These are exciting times.
Client 1.0.3 is Out!

We have release our latest update on our client. We are now 1.0.3. This should be our final version for a while.

There are still known issues with some textures and we are working on it.

Please use our Launcher to start game and if you have any problems downloading it let us know.